The School Day

The broad outline for each day is as follows:


Breakfast Club opens





Pupils arrive at School and wait in the playground (dining room if wet)
Nursery pupils arrive between 8.30am and 9am and go straight to the Nursery

Bell is rung for start of day


8.50am Registration takes place for Reception to Senior 6  in classrooms
8.55am Assembly
9.10am Lessons start
10.20am Break time
10.35am Lessons start
12 noon Lunch for Nursery children in Nursery
12.20pm Lunch in the dining room -1st sitting
12.45pm Clubs and Playtime and 2nd sitting
1.30pm Afternoon registration
1.40pm Lessons start
2.45-3.00pm Playtime for lower school
3.05pm Last lesson
3.30pm EYFS day ends
3.40pm Form 1 and 2 day ends
3.45pm Upper School day ends
3.45pm After school clubs start
4.45pm Clubs end
5.00pm Tea time in after-school care
6.15pm After school care finishes