Moorfield has always enjoyed a notable reputation for music and now it is stronger than ever. The music department is full of fun, exciting learning experiences and a desire to aim high. This motivation transfers to all the boys and girls at the school, producing many successful choral groups, ensembles and soloists.

We have recorder lessons, theory lessons and curriculum music lessons. There are two vibrant choirs,  a samba band, string ensemble and school band. The band is versatile, and takes on the form of an Irish band, folk band, swing band, big band and mixed ensemble, depending on the different talents shown each year. Music curriculum lessons include topics such as pop, baroque, blues, jazz, African music and the symphony orchestra.

Boys and girls have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of instruments at Moorfield in our four dedicated practice and teaching rooms. These include violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano and vocals, taught by ten peripatetic musicians.

Each year we have concerts, drama productions, seasonal services, enter many competitions and festivals such as Wharfedale Festival and Skipton Festival, and enjoy performing for the local community at the bandstand and in care homes.