School Lunches

The aim of Moorfield’s catering staff is to provide good, nutritious and tasty home-cooked food. Using fresh ingredients and making all our meals on site ensures that we know exactly what is in the food we serve at lunchtime. We want our food to look and taste good and to appeal to young children, not to be full of additives, fat and extra salt. We work closely with staff and parents to develop menus which meet the specific needs of the children. Allergies, food intolerances and special diets are all catered for as required.

We want the children to enjoy food at Moorfield and to look forward to lunchtime. We know that they do, by the comments we receive from them. The School Council devotes a meeting each term to commenting constructively on the school menu and to offer new ideas. Pupils make their choices in advance to ensure that there is plenty of their favourite food available. There are three choices of main course every day: a meat option, a vegetarian option or a baked potato. Puddings are a treat and Mrs Glover’s chocolate square is legendary! Cheese and biscuits are available once a week with fruit and yoghurt on offer every day.

Children of different ages sit at tables of eight. Grace is said or sung every day and birthdays are celebrated. Lunchtime is a happy time where the children chatter while they eat. They learn table manners and are encouraged to eat a good meal and try new things. They then help to clear the tables and chairs before heading out to play or a lunchtime club.


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