In Cookery, pupils develop vital skills such as weighing and measuring ingredients, following recipes, numeracy, creativity and organisational abilities. All of our senses are used when cooking and there is a great sense of achievement and delight in producing something edible. Pupils take great pleasure in taking home their freshly made produce to share with their families and it is always a highlight of the timetable.

Many of our staff are enthusiastic cooks/bakers (including the former head of Betty’s Cookery School, Mrs Victoria Crebbin) 

Children learn recipes which provide a good foundation in basic skills, such as: bread, buns, biscuits, soup, pizza tarts, scones, muffins and fruit salad,  as well as learning how to use knives and the hob safely.

Through learning about ingredients and how to prepare them, children can understand the health benefits of a varied and balanced diet. As well as discussing the science behind how ingredients change during cooking/baking, pupils are taught the importance of personal cleanliness, safety when working with food and taking responsibility for tidying up after their food activity.