Clubs Timetable

EXTRA-CURRICULAR CLUBS – AUTUMN TERM 2020 (Please speak to staff in the school office if you would like your child to attend any after school clubs).

Due to the current situation there will be no clubs runniing at the moment. We will keep you updated.

  Lunch After School
12:20 – 12:50 12:50 – 1:30 Year Group 3:45 – 4:45 Year Group
Monday Lunch



Writer’s Club – Invitation only



S5 / S6


 F3 – S6



Netball club with Mrs Carrera





F3/F4/ S5/S6 






String Ensemble


Ballet * (Hall)


By invitation                     

 R / F1

Sports Club with Mr Snook

Sewing Club* with Mrs Hall – 6 weeks per term, dates tbc, letter to follow


F3 – S6

F1, F2 


Ballet *


F2 / 3

Knitting Club with Mrs Smith (Limited numbers)

STEM Club* with Mr Herbert to start after February half term.

Tatty Bumpkin Yoga* for N3/R/F1/F2/F3

Samba Band*  3.45-4.15pm (no charge to those who have drumming lessons)

F3 – S6       

F3/F4 first club, S5/S6 second club 

F2 – S6




S5 / S6


Fitness Club

Running Club on Ilkley Moor to commence in March 


 F1 – S6


Recorder (senior 1.00pm/junior 1.15pm)




By invitation F1/F2/F3






Traditional Board Games run by Miss Lesurf


Music Theory Club – invitation only

Dates tbc

F3 – S6

* There is a charge for these clubs (see below). 

More Information about Clubs

After school clubs finish at 4.45pm unless otherwise stated.

Please speak to staff in the school office if you would like your child to attend any after school clubs.

Ballet  (Tuesday and Wednesday lunch time)

Miss Amy or Miss Fiona of the Ilkley Dance School teach ballet to Reception and F1 on Tuesday and F2 and F3 on Wednesday.  Children can be booked in for a term at a time. There are 10 lessons per term.  Ballet clothes can be bought from Miss Amy at the start of the year.   Please speak to Mrs Minshall in the Reception. 

Charge:  £52per term paid in advance

Squad (Monday lunch time)

Tuesday Sports Club (Tuesday after school)

Mr Snook does Games with children from F3 to S6.

Sewing Club (Tuesday after school)

Mrs Hall will be helping any budding sewers in Lower School (F1 and F2) unlock their talents.  Numbers are limited to 10 per session on a first come, first served basis.  Those on the waiting list will be prioritised next term.  Mrs Hall will send a letter out to parents in F1/F2 regarding this each term.

Cost: £3 per term to be added to the school bill

String Ensemble (Tuesday lunch time)

Mr Brown may invite you to join String Club.  You work hard but have fun making music.

Tatty Bumpkin Yoga (Wednesday after school held in the main hall)

Melissa Butterworth gives children in the Lower School an introduction to yoga.  Children can be booked in for half a term at a time. For N3/Rec/F1, F2 and F3 only.  Please contact Melissa Butterworth direct at

Knitting Club (Wednesday after school) 

Mrs Smith runs a knit and natter.  Entry of non-knitters may have to be staggered so that everyone can be properly launched with needles and wool.

Cost: Children must cover the cost of their own needles and usually bring the money directly to Mrs Smith.

Samba Band (Wednesday from 4pm to 4.30pm)

Mark Lewalski is running this very loud club for those who want to get with the beat.  Official drummers (those who take lessons) take priority but then other keen would-be drummers are welcome to a maximum of 10. 

Cost: £30 per term (no charge for those who take drumming lessons with Mr Lewalski.)

Band (Thursday lunch time)

Mrs Rix leads this band for all those from F3 to S6. A good level of music reading is required, but some parts can be created for enthusiastic beginners.  Mrs Rix will discuss with each class and recruit members in the first two weeks of term.

Fitness and Running Club (Thursday after school)

The purpose of running club is to train for the Wharfedale Schools Cross Country League.  There are events held on Saturday mornings between September and March.  Children who join running club are expected to run in the Wharfedale League.

Running Club depends on the support of parents as staff:pupil ratios are important. 

This Club is available all year.

Runners train on the moor with Mr Snook, Mrs Welsh ( Mrs Williamson, Mr Basham, Mrs Barclay and Mrs Rhodes: Junior runners) and any parents who are able to accompany them.

Recorder (Friday lunch time)

Budding experts will be invited to take part.                     

Junior Recorders will be taught by Mrs Conti.  

Senior Recorders will be taught by Mrs Rix.