Much of the work related to Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) will be presented in the general context of normal teaching and the everyday life of the school. Children receive positive messages from being in a carefully tended and thoughtfully planned environment every day at Moorfield.

Our definition of pupil attainment goes beyond the curriculum and assessment and includes the whole child through the development of self-esteem, the growth of confidence, the encouragement of respect for each other and care for the wider world. We aim to build opportunities for spiritual insight and an awareness of cultural issues giving a platform for our pupils to develop enduring values as future citizens. We also hope that through giving pupils an environment where their voice is heard and listened to, they are empowered to develop a social conscience and a spirit of generosity in wanting to help those in less fortunate circumstances.

Each class has a lesson of PSHEE or a Circle Time each week. The promotion of positive, trusting relationships is important and within Circle Time pupils are able to speak with confidence and confidentiality about current worries or issues they may be facing. Circle Times also provide a forum for a positive focus and building a sense of belonging.