Testimonials from EYFS Parents

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with our daughters progress since she started in Moorfield’s Nursery and how impressed I have been with the enthusiasm and energy of the staff, the range of activities and the behaviour of the other children in nursery. She loves it and has come on so much since she joined. I very much appreciate the effort you have all put in.

(N3 Parent)

My daughter is very happy at Moorfield, but as a parent, these are the things which I think stand out about her Reception year:

Communication – Like most 4 year olds, my daughter doesn’t tell me much about her school day, but thanks to weekly progress reports and Facebook posts I soon find out what she’s been doing and get to see pictures of her happy smiling face joining in the activities with her friends. Mrs Minshall is always available and happy to answer questions – you don’t need to wait until parents evening to speak to her.

Confidence – In addition to the expected nativity play, the reception class have acted out and recited stories and performed a ballet show in front of parents and the rest of the school. Supporting them to do this at such an early age can only ensure that they become confident public speakers later in life. The children higher up the school are testament to this.

Fun – Moorfield is a lot of fun. My daughter has enjoyed taking part in a lot of trips and activities, but those that have stood out for her include dressing up as a princess for a royal ball, a trip to the river to sail a handmade boat (which did float!), a theatre trip to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea (a favourite book) and sledging in the snow.

Manners – So easily forgotten in bigger schools, my daughter is being taught to be polite and speak confidently to adults – all the things you do at home are reinforced at school. Again the children higher up the school are testament to this.

What really came across from my visit was the passion of the teachers in teaching and how well that is being transmitted to the children, who are obviously really engaged in their learning. It is not until you bench mark practices in other schools that you realise what you are missing out on.

(Reception parents)

We are delighted with the care our son is given at Moorfield and more specifically at the moment in the EYFS setting. It is a very friendly, warm and caring environment. He takes part in so many different activities every week and has fun every day, so we feel he is thriving and developing in confidence week by week. The staff know him well and understand what he enjoys and where his interests lie, which only helps to strengthen his learning and self-confidence. We also feel he is given the opportunity to find things out for himself as well as knowing he has the support and encouragement when he needs it.

He loves being outside exploring in Bushcraft, as well as singing and having fun in music. He also really benefits from the time to play and discover things with his friends and teachers, either in the classroom and out and about on exciting trips, or walks around Ilkley. Every day is fun and different and sparks his interest in new things.

We are so pleased we chose Moorfield School for him and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to other families.

(N3 Parent)

Our daughter is currently in the Reception class at Moorfield and each week brings new things for her to enjoy and experience.  She’s finding out what she’s good at and where her strengths lie.  We know she is getting the best possible start to her education by being at Moorfield.  The approach taken to learning at such a young age is excellent and the effort and attention to what will capture the childrens’ attention is second to none.  Our daughter loves going to after school care and also to holiday club which shows to us that the care and attention shown at Moorfield doesn’t start and end in the classroom.  The clubs and groups she has attended has made sure she has made lots of friends outside of her peer group which is great for her confidence and integration into the wider school.

The staff are fantastic in making sure each and every child is cared for and understood, they are all treated as individuals.  We can’t recommend Moorfield enough and to any prospective parent I would urge you to come and see how things are done in the Moorfield way.

(Reception Parent)

We have been so pleased with our daughter’s development since she started in reception. Mrs Minshall is a warm and joyful teacher with bags of energy which rubs off on the children. The school days are packed with activity – frequent trips both around Ilkley and further afield, bushcraft, drama, sports and yoga. There is an expectation that the pupils behave kindly and respectfully to each other and each child’s individuality is genuinely celebrated.

(Reception Parent